Samoas Popcorn

You should know that my family isn’t a normal eating family.

What’s a normal eating family, you ask?

A normal eating family or NEF for short, is a family that eats small portions, savors things for ever and eat daintily.

We are not NEFs. At all.

First of all, since I have to cook dinner for my family nightly and need to plan the weekly grocery list and meals, I need to find things with humongous large portion sizes to feed my family of… five.

FIVE people. And the portions need to AT LEAST exceed six to eight. My family seems to eat for two people each. We love food; how can you blame us? I’m obviously not adopted.

Especially since you know how I feel about eating in front of people I’m not related to…

Second, we never have anything in our house for too long. When cookies are purchased at the store, my family’s six food sense kicks in and they hunt it down and find it instantly. Baked goods never survive. Chips are annihilated. Cheese and tortillas and pizza rolls are gonzo in a day, tops. Girl Scout cookies?


When my sister was a Girl Scout, my mom volunteered as Cookie Mom. I remember boxes of Girl Scout cookies–crates–lining our hallway and living room walls with their enticing colors and flavors. Most people would balk at the scene and maybe make a joke about “how can you be around all this?” even though you know they could never, ever eat that many cookies–much less their entire family, even–but you secretly know your family could make a festivity out of eating all the crates in about three days–if that.

Girl Scout Cookies NEVER survive in our house. Those people who “store boxes in the freezer and discover them in June”? Obvious NEFs. No way in hell would my family abandon a box of cookies in the freezer for months. That’s blasphemous.

Oh & hey, I’m definitely not making fun of my family. I love food and so do they–we’re proud to eat and eat lots. We could have worse habits like, our favorite TV show could be something awful like Hoarders: Buried Alive or Gold Rush Alaska or something.

But ANYWAY, my main point is that Girl Scout Cookies are the bait and tackle in the Parker household, so I was kind of shocked when I found a couple sleeves of Samoas leftover in my pantry. Besides stuffing my cute little round face with them, I thought I could stretch them even further by chopping them up and adding them to some caramel corn so I could snack away, handful after handful, into sugar-coma, far-from-NEF-oblivion.


And even if you or your family are NEFs, that’s okay: you should make this stuff, too. It’s highly addictive, crazy delicious and um, an equal-opportunist food. Bonus!

Samoas Popcorn

About 7 cups caramel corn
4 squares chocolate bark
2 squares white chocolate bark
About 3 cups toasted coconut
About 20-24 Samoas, roughly chopped into bite-sized pieces

1. Place the popcorn in a single layer on a wax-paper-lined counter or work space.
2. Melt the chocolate bark in two separate bowls until melted and smooth. Drizzle the chocolate evenly over the popcorn, then top with the white chocolate. Immediately sprinkle the toasted coconut and cookies over the wet chocolate.
3. Using a large spatula, gently turn the popcorn around to toss the mixture evenly. Allow to sit in an even layer to harden, about 20 mins. Store airtight up to 2 days.

The sweet and salty combination of the caramel corn, chocolate and cookies is DIVINE. And my non-NEF family looooved it. Who would have thought it’d be the perfect “I-just-ate-now-where’s-the-popcorn” snack!?


xo, Hayley

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  1. We’re a semi-NEF. My husband is a total NEF, and I think I’d probably fit in more with your family. So, my husband and I sort of cancel each other out. So that equals a NEF, right?! Hmm, I’m not sure if my logic works or not.

    But holy cow, this popcorn is seriously evil! And the best part of me making it is that I would get it ALL TO MYSELF. Score! =) Happy Wednesday!

    • Haha your logic sounds… uh, what’s the word? Logical? Yeah, sorry… I think this is the Robitussin talking. But you know what? My family went all NEF-style last night and didn’t even devour the four more Girl Scout Cookie boxes that arrived on our counter. Crazy!

      And yes please make this popcorn!!

  2. This is exactly why I love you….no , why I hate you ! ( I wont be making this until Monday, when I wont have to share with anyone).

  3. My parents and I could give you a run for your money. A box of See’s candy? Gone in mere hours. Ditto the girl scout cookies, or a cake or ??? I freeze my girl scout cookies, just because of the shear number that I purchase, but I don’t forget about them. They taunt me daily when I open the freezer. Who knew boxes of cookies could talk?


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