Chocolate Cherry Fudge

So for Valentine’s Day, I decided I wanted to do something different.

Jessie and I both work on Tuesdays (boo) so we won’t be seeing each other. And our anniversary is just four days prior, so I think we planned to do a V-Day/anniversary-holiday mashup.

Complete with cheesecake and steak with lots of A-1 (don’t wrinkle your nose at me; the best part of steak is the A-1) and lots of happy times and romance.

Read: flowers. Lots of them. And maaaaybe gifts. I’m partial to jewelry. But he can skip the chocolate. We all know I’m more of a fruit and vanilla girl anyways. Or better yet, he can bring me some chips. I do love chips!

Anyway, while spending hours er, browsing, on Pinterest, I have come across a lot of really unique, really cute Valentine’s ideas and it got me thinking, I wanna be creative and do something different.

Mix things up.

Be one-of-a-kind and all that.

I mean, cards are played (even though I still love them). And I really don’t like “dinner and a movie” dates because frankly, I despise the movies. I much prefer my Triple D viewing at home over some $12 flick I can barely hear because there are a bunch of giggling, asinine teenagers kicking my chair.

I just want romance. Preferably in a unique way. Like, I’m not heavily suggesting anything but I pretty much fell in love with the people who made homemade coupon books and little flippies of “Reasons Why I Love You.”

Though I’m confident Jessie’s “reasons” why he loves me would consist of:

I love that you’re so weird and you talk to dogs and make squeaky noises sometimes.

I love that you aren’t afraid to out-eat me when we’re out to dinner, not just by a few bites but by eating your entire plate, the remainders of mine and still wanting dessert.

I love that you have a horrible singing voice which eliminates any potential of you singing while driving, singing in the shower, singing in the rain, or singing period.

I love that you’re er, compassionate–yeah that’s it–when it comes to animals and besides squeaking at dogs and stuff you also cry when you see really cute dogs. At first I thought it was kinda weird but now it’s endearing. Yeaaah, endearing!

I love that you love bread so much.

I love that I can easily torment you by telling you that you smell like noodles, then pin you down so you squirm and freak out that your pits smell like soup.

Obviously super romantic and charming.

Me, not Jessie.

*makes straight face*

ANYWHO, if you couldn’t already tell I’m kindasorta excited about this two-ingredient fudge thing. I only made Salted Caramel Fudge a few days ago, and I have yet another fudge recipe coming up.

I’m either being really inventive with this fudge thing or I’m in a creative baking rut and am heavily relying on the fact that I can whip up weird flavors of chewy fudge with a can of frosting and some chocolate chips.

It isn’t the last one or anything, why do you ask?!?!?!

Let’s just pretend for the sake of my sanity and emotional well-being and everything that I’m super pretty and inventive and my crying around cute dogs is endearing and my Chocolate Cherry Fudge isn’t basically a repeat of the fudge I made 5 days ago, mmkay?

Now eat some freakin’ fudge.

*charming smile*

Chocolate Cherry Fudge *inspired by my Salted Caramel Fudge 

1 can cherry frosting (found this at Target)
1 bag white chocolate chips
1 bag cherry M&M’s (a Valentine’s day seasonal product but SO good)
Sprinkles or pink sugar, optional

1. Line a 9×9 inch baking pan with foil, extending the sides of the foil over the edge of the pan. Set aside.
2.  In a large microwaveable bowl, melt the white chocolate chips for one minute and stir. Add a splash of canola oil (about a teaspoon) and zap for another 30 seconds-1 minute, stirring at 30-second intervals, until white chocolate chips are smooth and melted. Do not let burn!
3. Stir in the can of cherry fudge until well blended. Spoon into prepared baking pan and evenly smear the top with a well-greased rubber spatula or spoon. Sprinkle with sugar, sprinkles and chocolate cherry M&M’s, or arrange in a fancy pattern, if desired.
4. Allow fudge to set and chill, about 2 hours in the fridge, before cutting into squares.

Y’all really need to pick up a bag or five of these chocolate cherry M&M’s. They’re phenomenal!

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Have a sweet day!!

xo, Hayley

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  1. YES! These are both adorable and sound heavenly! M&M’s are awesome!

  2. Thank you Sarah!

  3. Looks like I need to get some of those M&M’s–these look yummy!

  4. OK, I really need to get to the grocery store. I love these new fudge ideas! I think I might actually be successful with these 🙂

  5. Great recipe! Ever since I saw the 2-ingredient fudge I’ve been scouring the grocery store shelves for good frosting flavors. 🙂

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