Chocolate-Peppermint Cracker Thins

Some things:

1. I’m still familiarizing myself with the concept of being “grown up.” This means I’m kinda sorta nervous about working an 8-hour shift (spare me your evil adult-like laughter; I’ve been spoiled with 5-hr shifts my whole life); I’m still buying costume-y things rather than appropriate work attire; and today I realized I really like my coffee because it is all of 1 teaspoon actual coffee, and about 1/2 cup milk and coffee creamer. No wonder I go through a bottle of coffee creamer in two days time for only a cup of coffee a day. I see now the nutritionals are by the teaspoon, not the half gallon. Oops.

2. I’m really, really, painfully excited for Christmas. And I wish the holidays were a constant thing. I wouldn’t mind buying Christmas presents for my family year-round… as long as Starbucks served their peppermint mochas year-round, Crate and Barrel decorated for the holidays year-round, and I never, ever had to see another damn pair of flip-flops or daisy dukes again. The holidays, for all their lack of shorty-shorts and excess of sequins and sparkles, ROCK.

3. Speaking of sequins, I should inform you I’m apparently part crow and have a minor (okay, major) addiction to sequins and sparkles right now (and by right now, I mean 24/7 allthetime, people). And sequin-y dresses are in, which means I’m salivating like, 24/7. Gross? Yes. Why do I want a sequin dress? Do I want to look like a walking disco ball? (yes) Do I want to look overly flashy? (yes) Am I willing to sacrifice comfort for itchy sequins? (I can still throw body glitter on top of my scratches and rashes, right?) Obviously I have issues. My main one? –how are you supposed to wear sequins after the holidays? I mean, I really can’t imagine my sequin mini dress having a smooth transition into summertime. Let’s debate.

4. This marks yet another year where I’m unsure how I feel about egg nog. Each year I get kinda giddy when I see it in the grocery store, yet when I buy some, no one drinks it. Not even me. It’s like, once it’s in my fridge I want nothing to do with that goopy stuff and why can’t this crap expire fast enough?? Yet when Food Network geniuses sprinkle fresh nutmeg on top and serve it in swanky glasses I can’t help but think, I kinda want some. Remember when I said I had issues? Yeah.

5. I made some Chocolate-Peppermint Cracker Thins because I’m getting warmed up for my annual Christmas cookie gift-away and I thought these would be a pretty perf candidate. No surprise, they were.

With only four ingredients, these are truly a cinch to make–and are awesome gifts. I bagged some up for my coworkers and they were devoured in seconds. Apparently people like chocolate and peppermint–weird.

Chocolate-Peppermint Cracker Thins *adapted by Kraft’s Mint Thins recipe 

1 sleeve Ritz crackers (plain, but I used the reduced fat variety)
1/2 brick chocolate bark (I like Candiquik)
1/2 tsp peppermint extract
Chopped candy canes or Andes baking chips (I used a mixture of the creme de menthe baking chips and the peppermint for the festive green & red look)

1. First, line a baking sheet with wax paper. To keep it from slipping, tape the ends to the bottom of your sheet. Easy peasy!
2. Microwave your chocolate bark according to package directions, halving cook time if needed. For the crackers, I like zapping my chocolate in a glass loaf pan since I find it’s a little easier than dipping from a bowl, but use whatever works. Once chocolate is melted, stir in the peppermint extract until blended.
3. Dip crackers into the chocolate mixture, one cracker at a time, and coat both sides evenly with chocolate using a fork to flip crackers. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off and place the chocolate-covered cracker on your wax paper-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes or candy baking chips. Repeat process until finished, about 1 sleeve of crackers.

4. Freeze crackers for about 10 mins, or pop in fridge for about 15 mins so chocolate hardens. Store airtight, or wrap up and gift away!

So easy. What’d I tell you?

The sweet and saltiness is awesome, but frankly, these are like the Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie doppleganger. Except cheaper. And like, way better.

And believe me, 8-hr days are long and tiring and I’m only surviving on coffee creamer so I can use all the easy I can get.

Have a fabulous Monday!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Fun blog, fantastic pictures…can’t wait to try some recipes. You have such a way of keeping it fresh. Must be a reflection of a spirt-filled personality. I would like to spread the blogging love via 2 Awards: Versatile Blogger and Great Blog:

  2. Thank you very much! You’re so sweet! xo.

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