BBQ Cupcake Toppers

Summer’s here!

(Well, kind of).

‘Summer’ is kind of a sore subject for us Sacramentans.

In fact, mention ‘summer’ and everyone around here gets butt-hurt that it’s been raining the past few days.

Everyone’s whining, Isn’t it supposed to be June!? Why is there raiiiiiiinnnn?

Yeah, we get it. It’s raining and hailing and there may have been the oddball tornado warning a few days ago. And thanks, but I’m aware it’s June. And this weather is occurring.


So really, there’s no need to complain about something everyone is aware of. Right?

I’m just looking out for you guys, saving you unnecessary topics of casual, awkward conversation and breath that would better be saved talking about something more interesting and thought-provoking than the bad weather for a summer month.

That, and no one gives a flying crap.

Plus, personally, I’m quite the fan of stormy weather. It gives me an excuse to be lazy, which is awesome.

But, have no fear, complainers: Your summer is around the corner. And if you are actually experiencing a real-life summer where ever YOU are in the world, congrats! Here’s some adorable summer BBQ cupcake topper ideas for you.

They’re perfect for a backyard summer BBQ that does not currently exist in Sacramento without your ribs getting hail on them.

At least they’re cute to look at it. And yummy, too!

I’m obviously really good at resizing pictures and editing them for your understanding.

So anyways, summer BBQ cupcakes. Who wouldn’t want an adorable (edible!) hamburger and hotdog on top of their cupcake in accompany to their real hamburger and hotdog?

The more, the better.

I originally made these for my dad’s birthday last year, in 2010. He loved them, and they’re still quite the hit on my Food Porn album on Facebook among my friends and family. So I decided to do a quick tutorial/post on them since they’re summer appropriate.

Here’s how to do it.

You’ll need 24 baked and frosted cupcakes. You can pipe the frosting on, but I wanted a flatter surface for these guys. I also added the rainbow non-pareils sprinkles after I topped them.

Take two Nilla Wafers and invert them on your workspace. Add a dab of frosting (I used leftover vanilla) on one side and top with an unwrapped peppermint patty candy. Squirt a little of your red and yellow tube frosting on top of the patty and add shredded green coconut that was dyed with food coloring. Top with another Nilla Wafer that’s been spread with frosting, and gently press together to form the burger. Allow these guys to sit for about 5 minutes so the frosting can harden before topping your cupcakes.

For the hotdogs, carefully split a circus peanut down the middle, careful not to split it entirely in half. Roll an unwrapped Bit ‘O Honey candy in your palms and pinch the ends together to round them into a log or hot dog shape. Place the Bit ‘O Honey candy inside the sliced Circus Peanut, wedging it in there carefully without breaking the peanut in half. Squirt on some yellow and red tube frosting for the ketchup and mustard.

It’s really that easy.

Aren’t they cute?

And they’re meat-free for your veggie friends 🙂

You could even add diced green gum drops to the hot dogs as “relish” if you’d like, but I thought these were cute without it.

All your BBQ friends will be totally impressed, even if they’re moping about how it’s raining outside.

Happy BBQing, and Happy Summer!

xo, Hayley

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  1. OMG soooo easy! Thank you! 🙂

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