White Chocolate Marshmallow Dip

This White Chocolate Marshmallow Fruit Dip is INCREDIBLE! Light, fluffy, creamy and smooth, it's great with fresh fruit, brownie bites, pound cake cubes and more! Such an easy, fast, no-bake treat!

I'm so excited to bring you this recipe today! This White Chocolate Marshmallow Dip is incredible. I mean, it is out. of. this. world and into a … [Continue reading]

No Bake Reese’s Peanut Butter Lush

My Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Lush Dessert is a no-bake wonder! So easy, versatile and great for summer or any time you'd rather not turn on the oven. Creamy, light, fluffy and packed with chocolate & peanut butter flavors!

Happy Hump Day, y'all! If you're in California and you have kids, chances are, they were turned loose on ya for the summer! At least, my sister's … [Continue reading]

Almond Joy Magic Bars

These Almond Joy Magic Bars are a delicious twist to the classic candy bar! Chocolaty, coconutty, sweet, gooey and chewy, they're so easy to make and impressive! Great for potlucks!

If you're on the hunt for something unapologetically gooey, rich and packed with amazing texture and flavor, look no further - these Almond Joy Magic … [Continue reading]

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart

This No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart is incredible! Smooth, creamy, chocolaty with that sweet and salty peanut butter filling. Tastes like a giant peanut butter cup and is SO easy to make!

Anyone out there like peanut butter cups? I can't see you, but I can imagine you're all raising your hands. Because who doesn't like peanut butter … [Continue reading]

Biscoff White Chocolate Gooey Bars

My new favorite: Biscoff White Chocolate Gooey Bars! Sweet, spicy, and ULTRA GOOEY! This recipe is so easy and so adaptable!

Okay, let me apologize in advance for doing this to you guys. I am so sorry. These bars are worth apologizing for. To your family, to your … [Continue reading]

Coconut Cream Pie Cookie Cups

These EASY Coconut Cream Pie Cookie Cups are awesome! Bite-sized sugar cookie cups baked and filled with a fluffy, light coconut cream pie filling and topped with fresh whipped cream and toasted coconut. So easy and great for anytime entertaining!

So I just rejoined the dating scene. I figured, I'm 25, I have no friends, and it'd be nice to talk to someone other than three uncommunicative … [Continue reading]

The Easiest French Silk Pie

This French Silk Pie is the EASIEST recipe you'll find! With a no-bake option, this pie is super versatile, creamy, chocolaty and light. The perfect anytime dessert!

Can you believe I have only had French Silk Pie once before making this?! I know. Disgraceful on so many levels. But I have remedied that with … [Continue reading]

No Bake Key Lime Pie Parfaits

These EASY No-Bake Key Lime Pie Parfaits couldn't be any simpler! Tart, bright, juicy and sweet homemade lime curd tops a sugary graham cracker crust and is garnished with fresh whipped cream. Save this for those key lime cravings!

So you guys know how much I hate House Hunters, right? If you don't, here & here. You're welcome. If regular ol' House Hunters wasn't enough … [Continue reading]

Orange Bars


Y'ALL. These Orange Bars are my new favorite thing. Like ever. Or at least until I make something new :) Remember a couple of weeks ago when I … [Continue reading]

Zucchini Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

This Zucchini Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is such an easy, fantastic recipe! Perfectly spiced, bursting with fresh zucchini and topped with a luscious homemade cream cheese icing. You'll love this recipe!

Can you believe this is the first zucchini recipe I've made - ever? I've made carrot dessert recipes before I've even made zucchini dessert … [Continue reading]