Tropical Pina Colada Ambrosia Salad

Tropical Pina Colada Ambrosia

So. Easter's coming up -- it's hard to believe it's so soon with an early April 5th this year! So if ya don't mind me, I'm going to be posting Easter … [Continue reading]

The Best One-Hour Cinnamon Pecan Sticky Buns

The BEST One-Hour Sticky Buns! Fluffy, homemade rolls swirled with cinnamon & brown sugar, baked in a sweet and sticky homemade caramel, and baked with nutty pecans. So heavenly, and ready in 60 minutes!

So, against my better judgment, I recently re-joined the dating site, OkCupid. Within my first day of signing up, I had already encountered more … [Continue reading]

Bailey’s Brown Butter Frosted Brownies


I remember when I turned 21, I wanted to drink everything in sight. Because, my rationing, I'm 21 and YOLO. (I wasn't the most intelligent back then. H … [Continue reading]

Magic Marshmallow Monkey Bread Muffins

Magic Marshmallow Monkey Bread Muffins are cinnamon-sugar encrusted monkey bread muffins filled with marshmallows! The marshmallows magically disappear during baking, making for a great St. Patrick's Day treat!

You guys - this recipe is the bomb! This recipe came to me after I realized I'm severely lacking in the monkey bread department. I have a couple … [Continue reading]

Snacknado Ice Cream Cupcakes {And Celebrating Baskin-Robbins New Flavor of the Month!}

Snacknado Ice Cream Cupcakes

You heard me: Snacknado Ice Cream Cupcakes, people! So let's back it up here for a sec. Snacknado is Baskin-Robbins' newest Flavor of the Month, … [Continue reading]

Samoas Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar Cookie Samoas Bars

Every year around this time, I start to realize bikini season is creeping up on me... and every year around this time, I vow to eat better, exercise … [Continue reading]

Mint Oreo Overload Cake

Mint Oreo Overload Cake

Soft serve has been a part of my world for my entire life. Growing up, I'd beg my grandma to relinquish me into the wild and walk up to the nearest … [Continue reading]

Biscoff S’mores Seven Layer Bars

Biscoff Smores Seven Layer Bars

As you're reading this, I am partying my face off in Orlando, FL for the Food Blog Forum conference. We're at Disney World, and I'm pretty positive I … [Continue reading]

Lucky Rainbow Bark

Lucky Rainbow Bark

Yeah, I am totally guilty of trashing the living daylights outta that white chocolate. Sue me. As a kid, I had this neighbor - we'll call her Meow, … [Continue reading]

Samoas Magic Bar Pie

Samoas Magic Bar Pie

When I was in Girl Scouts, our troop leader totally didn't do anything cool. Other troops were raising money to go to Disneyland, or sleepovers at the … [Continue reading]