Baking with KitchenAid {Sponsored Post}

DSC_1934AIt’s no surprise that I love to bake.

Uh, hello?  You’re on my baking website (even though, in your defense, I do talk a lot, too).

Baking is one of the many vehicles I use to express myself.  It’s what I look forward to every weekend (when I do the bulk of my baking) after a particularly stressful/long/strenuous work week.  It’s what calms me down when I have the jitters.  It’s what makes me feel good for making others feel good — I especially delight when I hear stories of coworkers, friends, and readers trying my recipes and falling in love.  It’s that passionate, happy spot deep inside of me that I want to do forever and ever.  And I am honestly so blessed that this little pipe-dream of a blog has grown so enormously successful.

People ask me all the time, “what made you want to start baking?”  I suppose it’s because I knew the culinary field was another avenue for me to express my creativity and the constant bubbling-over of ideas in my noggin.  And, of course, because I grew up eating tons of ice cream, cookies, snack cakes and store-bought buttercream.  Duh.

I remember for my nineteenth birthday I asked for a KitchenAid mixer.  The hardest part was choosing the color.  I literally spent weeks analyzing every color available on their website, envisioning the perfect mixer sitting on my counter.  Finally, I chose Ice Blue.  However… I needed to actually receive the mixer 🙂

My parents squawked a little that is was basically like purchasing a new appliance and I disagreed with them.  “It’s just a mixer!” I would say.  I was pretty positive I wasn’t receiving a mixer on my birthday… so you can imagine my shock when I awoke and saw it sitting all shiny and new on my counter!

However, I need to confess: I was wrong all this time.  The KitchenAid mixer is not just a mixer after all.  It’s not ‘just another appliance’, not ‘just another tool’ that bakers and chefs use.  It’s the tool.  It’s the appliance.  Okay, so it doesn’t refrigerate things or bake things or toast things, but it helps create and inspire the things that do need refrigeration, baking and toasting.  And that creation and inspiration, in my opinion, can literally be derived from my mixer.

DSC_1936AI can’t stress enough how much I love my mixer.  I use it daily and the low purr of its motor is a standard sound in my home.  My family spent quite awhile thinking the mixer was only for me, but they’ve come to realize it is one of the essential tools to use when cooking and baking a long list of meals.

From shredding hot chicken (GENIUS), to grinding meat for homemade bulk sausage, to making pasta, to whipping egg whites into stiff-yet-fluffy meringue perfection, the mixer literally does it all and then some.  I’m constantly amazed by the ease of preparation, the level of efficiency it delivers at such a high speed.

DSC_1939AIf it were legal, I’d probably marry my mixer.

Okay, maybe not because that’d be strange and creepy, but I was saying that to emphasize I really, really love my mixer.

99% of the recipes you will find on this here website were prepared using my KitchenAid stand mixer.  I use it to seamlessly blend cake mix ingredients, to create the perfect cookie dough, to spare my arms in making homemade whipped cream or beating egg whites, and to make the fluffiest, creamiest frostings for all my cakes and cupcakes.  And that’s just for baking.

DSC_1942AAm I tooting KitchenAid’s horn?  Toooootally.  Because while my recipes are mostly created from within my head, from my own ideas, they are prepared and come to live through the use of my KitchenAid.  I attribute the success of my recipes to the efficiency, power and probable-magical-fairy-dust packed inside of every machine.  It is an appliance.  It is an investment.  But it is worth every.single.penny.  Because when it comes to your kitchen confidence, the success of your recipes, the time and strenuous labor shaved off because your machine whips things up in seconds, you’ll realize it’s totally the best investment you can make for your kitchen, your cooking, and your culinary confidence!

I totally think KitchenAid needs to be a sponsor of The Domestic Rebel — we can share the same motto “Baking fearlessly in the kitchen” 🙂

And the best best BEST part of having a KitchenAid stand mixer?

DSC_1960ALicking the beater!!!

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Have a happy Saturday!

xo, Hayley

This post was sponsored by KitchenAid.  In the interest of full disclosure I was provided with a KitchenAid stand mixer to review.  All opinions are 100% my own and I was not otherwise compensated for my time, opinions or for this post. 

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  1. Girl, my mixer is my LIFE.

    I received a new one for my birthday a couple years ago and it was the best birthday evah!

  2. Look at you, rubbing your KA stand mixer luckiness in my face *sob* I NEEEED ONE!

  3. I got a kitchen aid stand mixer for christmas-birthday-anniversary present a few years ago. I’d marry it if I could too. I even named her Betty. After Crocker and because the stand mixer is white. YAY kitchenaid!

  4. New Subscriber to your site. LOVE your creativity, sense of humor, and writing style. So glad
    ‘Domestic Rebel’ was recommended to me. Always makes me laugh… and want to bake.

  5. I love my kitchenaid. I got my first one the Christmas before I graduated college. My mom thought since I was hopefully moving out on my own I could use one. I wanted a pink one so bad. I ended up with a blue one. I love it dearly but some day I am going for pink.

  6. Girl, I can’t agree more with you! I love my kitchen aid mixer so much! He is the man of my kitchen and he rocks red just as yours does too! I can’t imagine life without him..he was the best wedding present ever!

  7. I’d freak out if anything ever happened to my KitchenAid. Best kitchen investment ever!

  8. Best investment ever and could not imagine making cookies or many of my bread/yeast recipes without mine. Love your red! Mine is red too!

  9. Licking the beaters is always considered my favorite part of baking!

  10. I got so lucky when my husband bought me one this year! Best thing ever!

  11. I have had a kitchen aid mixer in my kitchen for over 20 years! I actually had to go for about a month without one as my old one needs to get repaired. Finding someone to work on it isn’t easy. I either have to ship it…which is not practical…or drive it to the only repair shop which will work on it and it is over an hour away. That shop is charging over $100 just to look at it! Seems kind of crazy that something so indispensable in the kitchen is so hard to get repaired! In fact, my husband went and bought me a new one. I think he was tired of hearing me whine about my old one not working right.

  12. I had no idea this color existed. NEED IT NOW!! (I mean – it matches my blog perfectly! 😉 My white KitchenAid mixer needs a friend, by golly!! 🙂

  13. I have been lusting after that color for so long! I use my mixer constantly too!

  14. Hayley, I got my KA for my 19th birthday too! Everyone thought I was so weird, and to think back, I guess I WAS! But now, TWELVE YEARS LATER that tangerine dream still sits on my kitchen counter and inspires and mixes up nearly all of my baked goods AND other goods (enchiladas, ice cream, burgers, etc. etc.) like a champ! Love Kitchen Aid!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my mixer!! I got it at as a Christmas present one year {so long ago that I can’t actually remember how old I was…} and it has HANDS DOWN been the best present I’ve ever received. A couple months ago, it started acting a little wonky and I about cried my eyes out when I thought it was a goner. But I called KA and they helped me out and she’s still going strong!! I totally agree that it’s not just an appliance but it’s THE appliance!!

  16. Tonette Joyce says:

    I inherited my aunts Kitchen Aide years and years ago and wore it out! That thing was 40 years old if it was a day!
    I want,I need another!

  17. I must say my Kitchen Aid is my most used appliance in my kitchen too. I can’t imagine making all the treats I do without it. Mine is just plain white…I think it needs a bright colorful best friend to sit beside her 🙂

  18. I have my mother’s old one (white and 20 plus years old) and she bought me my own (5 years and gray matte). Both are work horses, but I have the scraper attachment stuck on mine so I need to have it repaired. I use mine at least 4 times a week and daily during the holiday season. My Mom has been gone 3 years but the white KA keeps her with me in the kitchen ALWAYS!!

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