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No-Bake Birds-Nest Cookies

I like being simple.

I’m a no-drama girl.

My outfits are high maintenance. I have expensive taste in eyewear. But anything else, I’m pretty down to earth. In fact, boyish almost. Okay, not really. Except when it comes to farting. I always laugh.

I’ve never been a prissy, mean, gossipy girl. You know those girls. Either they were like that exactly in high school or they were horribly bullied and are like that now and feverishly enjoy taking it out on everyone else.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not my fault you were ugly and had braces all four years or your dad spoiled you and you felt like you were entitled and had to be a priss to everyone. Whatev.

I frequently have to encounter girls who were most likely on the bullied end of the spectrum and now take pleasure in being unnecessarily bossy and mean. I really don’t understand how their lame adolescence makes me the guinea pig for their nasty attitude, but somehow in their effed-up universe, it works for them. And honestly, it works for me since I’m publicly shaming them on my website.

Karma sucks, bitches.

I’ve always had a bossy streak, but sheesh–after being literally controlled down to how I chew by these women, I really question if my bossiness is that bad. Yeah, I am guilty of bossing my younger siblings around and having them do chores I do not want (emptying the dishwasher is frequently pawned off) but I don’t think I’m that bad.

I mean, these women want power over When you’re exercising your pseudo-power on me over the littlest, most peculiar and minuscule things, it’s kind of pathetic. Just saying.

It’s like, pick your battles. Do you ever see those moms in Target who are FREAKING OUT at their kids over the DUMBEST things? “Jeffrey, DON’T YOU DARE touch those bouncy balls!! You hear me!?! Those bouncy balls are OFF LIMITS! Oh, you’re urinating on that display case over there? Meh, stay close.”


People need to pick their battles, ditch the drama and simplify. No more bossy bitches on power trips, ya hear? Simple lives… they’re the most rewarding, methinks.

And I have the perfect simple-person treat for you, too. They’re No-Bake Birds-Nest Cookies and they’re yummy and really easy to make, requiring three ingredients. No bouncy balls.

No-Bake Birds-Nest Cookies

1 (7 oz) pkg shredded coconut
1 bag white chocolate chips
Jelly beans or assorted bean-shaped candies
Green food coloring

1. Line a baking sheet with foil and set aside. Meanwhile, in a microwaveable bowl, melt the chocolate chips on high for 1 minute. Add a splash of oil, and zap for another 30 seconds or so, until chips are melted and smooth.
2. Stir in a couple drops of green food coloring and the entire package of coconut. Stir the mixture, working quickly, to coat the coconut in the chocolate mixture completely.
3. Drop rounded Tablespoonfuls of the choco-coconut mixture onto the foil-lined baking sheet. Gently press your thumb into the center of the cookie, forming a small indentation. Carefully stick three jelly beans in the indentation. Repeat for all cookies. Allow to set for approx. 1 hour. Store airtight for about 1 day.

I love how springy and Easter-y these cookies are–and of course, how easy they are to whip up! The coconut and chocolate make for a yummy base for the jelly beans. Try swapping out the jelly beans for peanut butter eggs or whopper eggs for another fun twist in keeping with the chocolate theme.
I hope you love them!! Enjoy!

xo, Hayley

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  1. Yeah, well the worst thing is this sort of adolescent behavior continues FOREVER. Seriously, I’m in my 30′s and I still see it at my workplace. Fortunately, I can just put my fingers in my ears and close my door most of the time.

    These cookies are uber cute! I love the tinted green coconut!

  2. I thought, once I was out of high school and college that that behavior would end. It doesn’t. Once you have kids? All bets are off. The elementary playground, moms clubs, whatever, are all breeding grounds for cliques and nastiness. FROM THE MOMS. It’s so freakin’ annoying! But not annoying? (Well, you of course :) and these cookies! YUM!

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